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  • Most Popular Business Structures

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    Limited Liability Company

    Form a LTDA

    Sociedade Limitada "LTDA" Easy to form, simple to maintain, and flexible as your business grows.


    The Go-To choice for Starting a business in Brazil

    Just set up and get to running your business.


    Form a S.A.

    Sociedade Anônima "S.A." Is a well established structure with clear governance requirements with good protecting the owners.


    Your choice if you plan to go public

    doing business in Brazil

  • Brazil Limited Liability Sociedade Limitada "LTDA" - Key Facts

    The Brazilian LTDA "Sociedade de Responsabilidade Limitada" is a Private limited company and the most common legal structure in Brazil. It is very similar to the American LLC, the British and Irish Ltd., India Pvt Ltd, Austrian or German GmbH, or the Dutch B.V!

    Company Name

    • Name must include "Ltda".
    • Companies may have a public "short name" and an official "Full Name"
    • The official full name shall describe/include the company's main business activities
    • Public "Short name" can be the same as your trademark

    Registered Office Address

    • Registered office address in State of Formation is required for company formation in Brazil
      (provision of servicing office address is included in all formation packages)


    • Minimum two Partners (so-called "Quota-holders")
    • Can be 100% owned by foreigners, No Brazilian partner required.
    • Owner can be a Natural Person, Legal entity (company) or mix.
    • Foreign owners are required to be represented by an attorney-in-fact (The provision of a resident attorney-in-fact and legal representative is included in all formation packages)

    * If you wish to start a limited liability as a sole-proprietor (One Owner) then the EIRELI Brazil structure is a suitable alternative

    Document Requirement

    From your end all required as document is:

    • Passport Copy 
    • Power of Attorney (we'll prepare this and provide the draft)

    We take care of translations and formal notarizations.


    * If the company going to be owned by other legal entities then then constitutional documents of the partner company, such as the AOA/AOI/Shareholders agreement might be required

    Share Capital

    No minimum initial share or quota capital required (in general), for starting a company in Brazil, unless we are talking about a sole-proprietor. In such a case the initial capital should be 100 times the current minimum wage, which is about R$ 88.000 BRL.


    • At least one director is required (so-called "administrator").
    • The director must be a Brazilian resident (we provide the service of provision of a nominee director - when needed).


    The registration process for the company formation of a Sociedade limitada "LTDA" in Brazil takes 20 days from the time you provide us with all the required documents and forms.


    * Some more complex business activities required special license and could take longer


    Articles of Incorporation Amendment (takes around one week) for:

    • Increasing or decreasing the company’s capital
    • Extending the term of the company’s duration
    • Changing the company’s name or address
    • Changing or adding activities
    • Admitting or excluding quotaholders
    • Changing the legal structure to S.A. or other forms
  • Incorporate with Brazil Formation in 3 Easy Steps!

    How to Form a LTDA - Limited Liability Company

    Starting a business in Brazil LTDA

    #1 - Choose your Package

    complete packages and convenient engagement procedures

    Choose the Ltda formation package that best fits your needs, finalize the online form, and a consultant will contact you immediately to guide you along the next steps of document preparation and form filings.

    Documents for Company Formation in Brazil

    #2 - Document Preparation

    gathering information and preparing your basic docs.

    Since we have served clients from all over the world, we are familiar with the technicalities and document legalization procedures of each country. After filing some simples forms online, the document preparation could take as little as 48hrs if it is done in person in Brazil, and if you opt to do this remotely the we provide you with specific-for-your-country guidance, steps are:

    1. Basic personal & company information form to fill
    2. Draft your Power of Attorney, -our legals take care of that- 
    3. Then we assist you with passport copy preparation -or the constitutional documents if the owner is a legal entity-.

    We arrange for a local sworn translator to swiftly translate your documents then we register and duly notarize it to be used for filing.



    Takes as little as 48 hours. If you opt to do this step remotely it may take a couple of weeks.

    incorporation for doing business in Brazil

    #3 - Filing and launch your Brazil business

    ..getting your TaxID/CNPJ and you are ready to start doing business

    We’ll prepare, file, and confirm all the necessary paperwork with you then file them directly with the:

    1. Board of Trade
    2. Federal Revenue 
    3. City Council

    Now your company is set up with a TaxID CNPJ, & you are ready to start doing business.



    This takes 20 days from the time doc. preparation completed

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    Brazil Formation Compliance


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    We understand the last things our clients want is to not be fully compliant with local legislations, We know that failure to act in accordance with a raft of laws can result in damage to your reputation, legal claims and fines!


    • Our "Best in Class" consultant and legal team will ensure that we form your company with industry best practice and will maintain it in good-standing,
    • Relieving you from time-consuming tasks, ensuring that you are fully legally compliant and that your company records stay up to date.
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    Andrea Liscakova

    Espaço Atari Ltda, General Manager

    Excellent & Professional. Communication in English is prompt, both on phone as well as by email. They give regular updates and are clearly pushing third parties such as bank and government agencies on a 48 hour basis. Establish Brazil definitely makes you feel that you count.


    Roy Prince

    Treadstone Ltda, Managing Partner

    They gives you confidence and peace of mind with project that have a lot of grey area and doubt. I also believe that their network and experience will make the whole project more cost and time effective due to the reduction of risk this brings, and their knowing where to go and who to see.

    They are fast, clear, friendly, and predictable.

    Luke Scullion
    Scullion do Brasil Ltda., CEO

    “ Great support from start to finish in our operations for Brazil. an excellent company that is run by people that care about your business, if you want to charter the complicated market of Brazil, EB is a must..”


    Denitza Harizanova
    Niche consulting and recruitment, Talent Acquisition

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